1. What is the meaning of the term desi?
    • Desi means country men in Hindi and Urdu. It’s a common slang used by South Asian diaspora to refer fellow country men.

  2. What is the radio show about?
    • The radio show is a platform for technology professionals to connect, talk and learn from other successful business and technology leaders.

  3. Why Techidesi.com?
    • The needs of technology professionals especially from South Asia are different. Techidesi.com and the radio show are designed to cater to the needs.

  4. Why should I register?
    • Registration helps you to participate actively in our portal. You don’t have to register, if you simply want to browse the site.

  5. What is the format for the radio show?
    • Currently the plan is for 30 minutes only
    • We typically have a guest in the show and the show will be focused around the guest
    • You could also hear an inspirational or entertaining song or two from South Asia (Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood etc..,)

  6. When and where is it telecasted?
    • Every Saturday at 10:00 AM
    • San Jose Bay area : 1170 AM
    • Seattle: 1250 AM

  7. Can I listen through a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows)?
    • iPhone, Android and Windows phone users can listen from their smart phone. iPhone app Click here and Android app Click here .

  8. What is the number to call during the show?
    • 1-844-301-1250

  9. Who are the hosts?
    • Sailaja Racha – Based out of Seattle, Sailaja is a passionate recruiter and always looking for high end talent. She is also a Montessori teacher and abacus teacher by profession and is specialized in early childhood development.
    • Sridhar Katta – Sridhar is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate radio enthusiast, who has decades of experience in both business and technology.

  10. Can I view past shows?
  11. Where is South Asia?
    • South Asian countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri lanka.