Enterprise Architecture Certification

Enterprise Architecture Certification

Why it is important?

With an increasingly global marketplace coupled with technology advancement, there’s compelling need for organizations to become more integrated.Top-level, this involves connecting silos, aligning business’s vision with its information technology, and enabling synergetic collaboration and communication.

Let’s take an example. You need to make a presentation to a client. Imagine needing to log onto multiple systems researching a project because you didn’t know the information had already been compiled by someone in another department. Or, imagine having to log onto several, unconnected systems to track a project from initiation to completion and billing. These situations exist in organizations that have various departments operating as independent silos.

This creates the need for enterprise architects, professionals who will understand:The goal of enterprise architecture is to connect isolated units to facilitate sharing of information, increase overall efficiency and response time.

  • End-to-end horizontal and vertical technology components
  • Processes that comprise the organization’s business information systems

The role of an enterprise architect is a pivotal one. The focus on it has created a greater need for standardization of enterprise architect skills, making it necessary for professionals to get certified. Additionally, certification brings value and recognition to professionals as well as to the organizations that employ them.

Organizations need enterprise architects to ensure their technology objectives are aligned with the business goals. This is vital because it brings in significant cost savings only from knowledge sharing, and reusability.

Don’t be a fool with a tool read the headline of a Forbes’ article on Enterprise Architecture certification.

How to go about it?

A number of certification programs are being offered, such as those by Carnegie Mellon and Open Group.


Find out more by clicking these links:

TOGAF: http://www.opengroup.org/certifications/togaf

Zachman: https://www.zachman.com/certification/what-we-certify/enterprise-architect

SEI, Carnegie Melon: http://www.sei.cmu.edu/training/p35.cfm

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